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Urn for Human Ashes

Urn for Human Ashes

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Ceramic urn for human ashes, pet dog cat urn, burial urn, Small Children & Infant urns.

Shopping for a cremation urn or other memorial is never easy. Even when a death is anticipated, it’s hard to make a decision when you’re struggling with grief and loss. I wish you and your family much strength to overcome this very great loss. When we lose loved ones, we feel a loss in our hearts,

Diameter: 7,6" (19,5 cm)
Height: 6" (15 cm)
Volume: 134 in3 (2,2 dm3)

This listing is for one urn.
Please note this is a completely handmade item; each one is unique, measurements are accurate, and it will look exactly like the one pictured.

1 pound of healthy weight = 1 cubic inch of cremains.

Urns for ashes come in all sizes. Small enough to hold a pinch of ashes to being large enough for the remains of more than one person. The urns themselves are made for all different kinds of purposes as well.

For each pound of healthy body weight, you will require about one cubic inch of volume in the cremation urn.
This measurement will give you a good approximation, but we do recommend that you select an urn that is slightly larger than you estimate you'll need.
The size of the cremation urn is also very important to consider when choosing the resting place for your pet. Due to the way in which pet cremains are processed, they generally take up slightly more room than human cremains. This means that 1 pound isn't always equal to 1 cubic inch. On top of the pet's healthy weight, add an additional 10-15 cubic inches to ensure all of the cremains will fit inside the urn. It is perfectly fine to have an urn for ashes that is larger than you may need

Pet Urns
When purchasing an urn for a pet it is important to consider the cremation process is completed differently and they oftentimes need a slightly larger urn than a human may at the same healthy weight. It is suggested to add an additional 10-15 cubic inches to the urn to accommodate the extra space used. So, if your pet had a healthy weight of 50 lbs. it recommended to purchase an urn that is 60-65 cubic inches in size. It is also important to note that choosing an urn larger then the minimum required size is perfectly acceptable. Many families choose to use the additional space within the urn for their pets favorite toy or their collar.
Typical Capacity: 20 cubic inches – 150 cubic inches

Small Children & Infant Urns
Special accommodations apply when purchasing an urn for an infant or small children. For infants under 10 pounds or less, an urn with a minimum of 20 cubic inches is recommended. For children 10-20 lbs or, an urn with a minimum of 30 cubic inches or more is recommended. As with individual urns, purchasing an urn larger than the minimum is perfectly acceptable. The additional space is commonly used to store a letter, photos, stuffed animals or a favorite outfit.
Typical Capacity: 20 cubic inches – 80 cubic inches

Individual Urns
Individual size cremation urns are the most common size urn available today. The term individual typically refers to a capacity of 150 cubic inches or greater. When choosing an urn for an individual adult this is the most common size. It is important to remember that for every one pound of healthy weight, there will be 1 cubic inch of cremains. This means if a person is 150 pounds at time of cremation they will require an urn at least 150 cubic inches.
Typical Capacity: 150 cubic inches – 300 cubic inches

Ready to ship. Shipping to the U.S or Europe takes additional 2-3 weeks.

I pack every item very carefully and do my best to be environmentally friendly.

All my items are handmade.
I do my best to reflect my ceramics in the pictures as real as possible, but some color variations should be taken in account.

A new item takes 2-3 weeks to create and shipping to the U.S or Europe takes additional 2-3 weeks. Thanks for your patience...

Note that this is a completely manual item; each of them is unique. If you order a new item please allow a slight difference in your purchase. They will not look exactly like in the picture, it will be a copy of this item

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