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Vase for Flowers Hanaire Vases Ceramic Handmade Tea Ceremony Accessories

Regularity. If our vase falls into the hands, it's not desirable to let go of it.
The flowers in a vase is displayed in tokonoma (alcove) as a tearoom is prepared for tea gathering.
This is a hand formed faceted vase carved out of stoneware clay. When I make a vase I do not use mechanical or electric potter's wheel.

Height: 2,95" (7,5 cm)
Diameter: 3,35" (8,5 cm)

This listing is for one vase.
Please note this is a completely handmade item; each one is unique, measurements are accurate, and it will look exactly like the one pictured.

I pack every item very carefully and do my best to be environmentally friendly.

All my items are handmade.
I do my best to reflect my ceramics in the pictures as real as possible, but some color variations should be taken in account.

A new item takes 2-3 weeks to create and shipping to the U.S or Europe takes additional 2-3 weeks. Thanks for your patience...

Note that this is a completely manual item; each of them is unique. If you order a new item please allow a slight difference in your purchase. They will not look exactly like in the picture, it will be a copy of this item

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